The Bekkasinen.



In 1922 came the bekkasin on the market. There is, in its usefullness in more than up till 80%, remarkably effective and easily burn overnight.


The heat is distributed via convection very effective. You can place the Bekkasin reasonably close example. Furniture, since the side of the Bekkasin do not get over 70 degrees warm.


It can use almost any solid fuel, but wood is the best. Emptying ash is limited to only 1-3 times per year. Being topfiret is also clean in use, since there will never come any ash onto the floor.


In 1993 The Bekkasinen was awarded the ID price of the original and effective design and for the good and simple design. This is a recognition from leading Danish and international designers and technicians.


The Bekkasinen has been approved under the new rules. Test certificates can be downloaded from this site.



The Bekkasinen has been testet under thise norms:


EN 13240:2001 and EN 13240 As:2004


You can contact us if you want more information about the test results.